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Qis Bool Changes A number of fixes and ehancements to the Boolean have been made.

Bug Fix a call to Qis Bool Options_Reset caused Qis Bool_Union MT to run single-threaded. Enhancement in Boolean Qis Bool Options_Set Convex Output Qis Bool_Union MT is now multi-threaded Enhancement in Boolean Throughput Unless the user intentionally sets to ON, an improved algorithm will allocate data to the available threads resulting in improved throughput.

Qis Bool Options_Reset will reset this setting to the default value of 1.5 When used alongside Qis Bool Options_Set Leonov Output(e LEONOV_OUT_BUTTING, Handle) and Convexing (in-X or Full) the butting edges are going to be horizontal or vertical depending on the value of the ratio.

Warnings If the data set contains very long and narrow polygons in the same direction as the stripes, this could result in thinly-sliced (along the direction of the stripes) polygons.

New C# Sample Code At the request of customers using C#, added a sample calling application written in C# to illustrate how C# can be used to call QISLIB (which has a C/C based API) Applies to Windows version only.The extents would not be exact only in cases where a path vertex bends no-orthogonally and the vertex lies at the extents of the cell.File name with space(s) Qis Lib_Open OASIS now works correctly for file names (or paths) containing spaces. QISBOOL Convex Function Qis Bool_Union MT and Qis Bool_Binary MT now support the Qis Bool Options_Set Convex Output.As long as actual ratio for a specified input data set is less than this value; the input data set will be partitioned into a set of horizontal stripes stacked vertically.If the actual ratio is greater than the threshold, the data set will be partitioned into vertical stripes stacked horizontally. (Qis Bool Options_Set Leonov Output) Use XTo YRatio = 1000.0 for forced horizontal striping.

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