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It’s yoga speed dating and it’s picking up speed—literally.From yoga studios to the popular Crunch gyms, yoga speed dating may be an alternative option for yoga lovers who are tired of trying to meet in bars or online. Founder of the Colorado-based Yoga Dates Amy Baglan says yoga speed dating is a way to bring a social side to an activity that is usually a solitary, introspective practice.When the facilitator asked the room if liked swiping, almost rhetorically, I was the lone one who raised a hand. I had ended my first rendezvous knowing nothing about the man in front of me except that he loved his family. “OK, bye,” I told him, but he was already onto the next woman.The mini dates that followed alternated from bizarre to surprising to super-uncomfortable.Being funky Fitzroy, there are lots of options at our fingertips. Finally, please note that you are assumed to be comfortable with a level of physical touch, as we will be linking hands and supporting each other in postures.

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They wanted depth, a soul mate and real-life exchanges. ” I offered awkwardly, thinking someone must feel the same way. Minutes later, I found myself in front of my first date, the tallest man in the room, with longish black hair. I followed the facilitator’s instructions and nodded at each of his pronouncements of gratitude—to his mother, to his sister, to his aunt. I started with my exes—I figured that all the rules of a normal date were already out—but before I could get past the first name, it was time to rotate. ” I said aloud while my date looked at me uneasily, clearly just as confused.

: a burly man was kneeling before me, clasping my hands and smiling up at me as he uttered softly, “I promise to forever honor and respect you.” But in this scenario, we weren’t alone on some cliff overlooking a sunset. Roughly 40 other singles were paired off around us, all engaged in the exact same awkward declaration — yes, strangers had been instructed to pledge their unconditional devotion to each other.

And we were in a brightly lit yoga studio in the Lower Haight with a dream catcher on the wall and a statue of Buddha in the corner.

They stretch, they hold, and they (hopefully) connect on a deeper level—all while focusing on one pose per partner.

Some classes encourage conversation while other teachers prefer the chit-chat be reserved for after class.

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