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"And take this as a hint of what will happen when you do." With that Tawni had kissed Eric, one long deep open mouthed kiss that sent the disguised girl staggering out of the room.

But things have a habit of spiraling out of control. Tight jeans accentuated her butt and the hoodie added bulk to her body while hopefully concealing the curve of her breasts and making them appear more like a muscular chest. Stepping back she looked lower in the mirror and blushed.Femslash, Rated M for sex including toy use.)Sonny Munroe studied her reflection in the mirror. She giggled as she carefully smoothed the fake beard she was wearing. The final touch, although hidden mostly by the hoodie's lower hem was the hint of the bulge in her jeans.No one in the special shop she had found had blinked twice when she had examined the array of "Items" and, holding her breath and all but hiding her face, selected the one she was wearing right now to make her appearance as a guy complete.She had decided that now that she knew there was fan mail for her, and quite a lot of it, she could make arrangements to "discover' it at another time.Sonny was giggling inside every time the other girl made increasing blatant moves on Eric.

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