Who is tom cruise dating now asian dating gabbs nevada

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There are plenty of famous people with such tapes, but Cruise is not among them.

But when it did come to its end in 2012, the once incredibly public couple did an about-face and made sure to keep a lid on the details of their split on—and keep it on tight. In the years following that endlessly talked about split, the actor adopted a bit of a new approach to his career and personal life in that he somehow found a way to keep them nearly entirely separate.I know the prevailing theory for years is that he’s gay, but it doesn’t add up.Besides the fact that the rumor is built on outdated, toxic tropes (but also Scientology’s intolerance for LGBTQ sexual orientations and claims that its tech can “cure” homosexuality) there would be way more evidence by now.Just look at the numerous accusations surrounding John Travolta, not to mention the time Carrie Fisher just came right out and said it. That’s why most conspiracy theories are bullsh*t because, often, they hinge on a stupid amount of people somehow keeping their mouths shut, which flies directly in the face of human nature.We’re also living in an age where Scientology’s power has significantly waned and former members like Leah Remini are spilling tea like crazy. So unless Tom Cruise is personally and methodically finding male lovers that no one will miss and then disposing of their bodies without the help of an intermediary at any step of the way, my dude just doesn’t f*ck, like Mimi Rogers told the world a long time ago. Probably not, but the signs all seem to point to asexual.

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