Who is sammy hagar dating

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Believe me, if something like that came to fruition I guarantee there wouldn’t be one person who would leave that show disappointed with anything, with either singer,” said Anthony.

Another highly publicized topic among Van Halen Nation recently has been that of Anthony’s former bandmate David Lee Roth donating ,000 to Anthony’s fund-raising campaign for the upcoming Children’s Hospital Los Angeles event called Walk L. That story was first broken here at The Van Halen News Desk. “And then what happens is an e-mail gets sent to me personally saying a donation’s been made on behalf of David Roth for ten thousand dollars.” “I can e-mail back to thank the donors,” Anthony continued.

E-mail me back, let me know it’s you cuz I would really like to talk to you.’ I got an e-mail back a couple days later from the same business management agency.

It just said, ‘Hi Michael it’s David, sorry about your loss and I’ll be in touch,’ but I can pretty much confirm that it was him.” Anthony covered a lot of Van Halen history in the interview dating all the way back to the band’s club days through the Sammy Hagar era through the short-lived Gary Cherone era. Along the way Anthony also had some interesting reveals such as Edward Van Halen’s “infatuation” with Patty Smythe leading to the brief consideration of her becoming Roth’s replacement back in 1985.

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