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To make matters worse, Pamela thinks it was with more than one woman.Underneath a glamorous black-and-white photo of the couple in happier times, she wrote: “The last (more than 2 years) of my life have been a big lie.She has also campaigned to raise awareness for organisations such as PETA and Mercy For Animals, and joined initiatives to protect the Arctic, combat deforestation and condemn the force-feeding of ducks and geese in the production of foie gras.Pamela made a brief return to her Baywatch roots in the 2017 movie.Dylan Jagger Lee has similarly followed in his parent’s footsteps in the spotlight and is pursuing careers in music and as an aspiring producer. Pamela took to Instagram hours after news broke of Hugh Hefner's passing in September 2018.

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He said: "She's friends with Julian Assange, she's friends with Vladimir Putin of all people.

She also made an appearance on Brendan O' Carroll's All Round To Mrs Brown's in March 2017, which got the new show off to a flying start.

And the star's appearance on The Nightly Show left fans in awe of her timeless beauty as she continued to show off her new made-under look.

She even hints at a bit of a romance with Vladimir Putin. well, make your own mind up when you watch it." Pamela ISN' T dating Julian Assange.

She went public with her footballer beau Adil Rami in mid-2017.

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