Who is danielle guizio dating

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We book it about eight months prior, which is always around the time I'm designing my spring/summer swim collection.When I booked the trip, I was like, "Damn, I really need a glittered out bikini for this trip." I couldn't find anywhere to buy one, which of course sparked my creative process.Related | Only Slashed By Tia Can Serve You Slutty Elegance From finding customers in Lady Gaga to Halsey (the aforementioned artist who recruited the designer to create a slew of custom looks for her world tour), to Hailey Baldwin, New Jersey-native Guizio describes the Internet as the "golden tool" that propelled her career from its roots in retail to that of a bonafide streetwear super-creative at a lightening rate.Danielle Guizio is not only one to watch—but to follow, save and stay stalking.

Related | Halsey Is Coming Through Loud and Queer Below, Guizio weighs in on her stratospheric success, conquering the millennial market, and how that iconic glitter bikini came to life. It's extremely hard work along with heavy responsibility.

The Internet has been a golden tool that's helped harvest these relationships throughout the years.

DG has so many standout pieces, but the glitter bikini is among the most memorable.

It took some time to develop the bikini's fabric, because I wanted it to sparkle like crazy once the sun and water hit it.

I posted a video of the Lure Glitter Bikini on Instagram and got an insane reaction from it immediately. What's really great about product seeding is that we send our pieces to girls/guys with an aesthetic, style, and overall vibe that we truly appreciate and believe in.

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