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Most biographical sources claim that he was born in either Koboko or Kampala around 1925.

According to Fred Guweddeko, a researcher at Makerere University, Amin was the son of Andreas Nyabire (1889–1976).

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Popularly known as the "Butcher of Uganda," he is considered one of the most brutal despots in world history.

Amin was born either in Koboko or Kampala to a Kakwa father and Lugbara mother.

Uganda gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1962, and Amin remained in the armed forces, rising to the position of major and being appointed Commander of the Army in 1965.

He became aware that Ugandan President Milton Obote was planning to arrest him for misappropriating army funds, so he launched a military coup in 1971 and declared himself President.

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