Updating your stats bad company 2

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Merfolk players know well the power of lords, but leaning on a small number of cards to make a deck good creates more failure states through variance or disruption.I’d rather have spikier matchup percentages and more reliable gameplans.This new version is a hybrid, aspiring to the overwhelming card advantage of Collected Company the tricky mana advantage of Aether Vial.Maybe if I hadn’t worked on Spirits as long I as I have, I wouldn’t have a problem with the Bant Vial build.

Against Jeskai, it’s Spirits’s best card, since that matchup revolves around two-for-ones.

Another aspect I don’t like is the lack of Rattlechains.

Paulo likes the card, but needed something to cut, while Ondrej just thinks it’s bad.

It also can’t run all the utility lands, and they’re integral to no-Vial.

Despite only having three Vials, Bant Vial is more reliant on them than UW.

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