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Apps may ask for the following permissions to access certain information in your account and take certain actions: Apps with read, write, and Direct Message access to your Twitter account will have access to view your information and take actions as described above in the Read and Write sections, and will also have the ability to: send Direct Messages for you, view Direct Messages you’ve sent and received, and manage and delete your Direct Messages.Remember that each communication participant has their own copy of the communication — deletion of a Direct Message will remove it from your account, not the accounts of the other participants to the communication. Remember that when you authorize an app to access your Twitter account or take actions on your behalf, the app may use, store, and share your information in accordance with its own business practices.If you wish to grant a third-party app access to your account, we recommend that you only do so using Twitter’s OAuth method.OAuth is a secure connection method and doesn’t require you to give your Twitter username and password to the third party.You should be particularly cautious when you're asked to give your username and password to an app or website.When you give your username and password to someone else, they can gain complete control of your account and can lock you out or take actions that cause your account to be suspended.Because third-party apps are not owned and operated by Twitter, we're not able to troubleshoot them.

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Third-party apps are applications built on the Twitter platform by external developers, and are not owned or operated by Twitter.He is an experienced editor, proofreader and copywriter for online publications such as CNET, Tech Radar and Gizmodo.Nield holds a Bachelor of Arts in English literature and lives in Manchester, England.Use the app marketplace on your phone to check for updates to the app.If Twitter is telling you that you're using an invalid username and password combination, double-check the information you're using by logging in using the same details on a desktop computer.

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