Updating the nrc s

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The clarity of understanding suffers when it is studied by a participant observer. See how the distance and closeness to an issue affect its study? Our position on an issue is determined by our interests.A very clear issue in hand is the ongoing controversy on updating of the NRC in Assam. A correct and updated NRC will affect various people variously. It will help us understand the dimension and severity of the foreign national issue.The profit motive of the corporates has also pervaded the field of scientific research.Certain researches may be encouraged because those may bring more profit to the corporates and certain others may be discouraged though they may be good for people.The controversy has thickened while the final date of its publication is nearing fast. A large section of people will heave a sigh of relief as nobody in future will be able to question their citizenship and harass them as foreigners.Again, the section of people who will be left out of the updated NRC will look at it differently.

The updating of the NRC was progressing in snail’s pace till the Supreme Court intervened in it.Since the beginning the updating process has been subjected to various legal scrutinizes.Then, why is the ruling party at the Centre and the State against it?Again there is another section which wants to completely downplay the foreign national issue and is against the updating of the NRC.Either intentionally or naively they fail to understand the identity concerns of the indigenous Assamese people.

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