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So far for troubleshooting I have disconnected the computer from the network and rebooted, this reduces the boot time back to a normal expected time, so I suspect this is GP related but I am not sure where to look next to fix things.

Unfortunately, being the obedient user that you are, you follow the instructions and continue staring optimistically at the words for many an hours.

Continue narrowing down your search till you reach the specific service triggering the error.

Once identified, either search further support from the concerned manufacturer, or keep the process disabled to prevent further problems.

NET 3.5 (Windows was having trouble reaching out to the internet to pull the install files) and this did fix that problem but seems to have created the “please wait” screen.

The wait screen is prior to the login screen and I timed it at exactly 10 minutes.

I proceeded to setup the test system with software etc without major issues.

On the same day I also updated my GPO Templates from Microsoft for 1803 to the July 13th Release https://

To accomplish this, follow this procedure: Wait for the system to load the new account.Boot your OS in this manner and check if the issue appears.To boot into Safe Mode, execute this procedure: If you again found yourself facing the “Please Wait” error, the problem does not lie with a software conflict and you can jump to Method 2.id=56880 We do have some GPOs in place, mostly around Windows updates for our historically W7 environment.I have also assigned a few W10 GPO’s for W10 around updates, feature releases etc. I forced a Group Policy update on the effected system via command line in hopes of a fixing an issue when installing .

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