Updating jpanel

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Getting Started with Swing is a quick start lesson.First it gives you a bit of background about Swing.My action Performed looks like this: @Override public void action Performed(@Not Null An Action Event e) When I run this in the debugger, the action Performed runs, however the tool window doesn't update.

Writing Event Listeners tells you how to handle events in your programs.

Then it tells you how to compile and run programs that use Swing components.

Learning Swing with the Net Beans IDE is the fastest and easiest way to begin working with Swing.

Hi everyone, I'm new to java GUI stuff, and am trying to add a component that can be blank until I click a button, at which point I want it to display some text.

The problem is that I have made the j Panel, with no text, but when I try to add the text with Text("text"), it doesn't change on the display. I am using a group layout, and as such, the JPanel is created when the layout is setup.

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