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And where do I find the right files, that don't require an internet connection during installation?

You might also make a slipstream install CD, which has SP3 integrated into the install CD.

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Check for the Service Pack level of the SQL Instance. Check for all entries in SQL Server Error Log about the Service Pack update and ensure there are no errors written. Since you can't do that - making sure you take backups is key.

It didn't update to SP3 during the time that I was there.

Or will it wait until the TIME the Automatic Updates are set to ... I would have thought an Update to SP3 would supersede that time and start happening immediately.

Well this is not a complex task and the topic has been already ask for other version, but I'd like to be sure to not forget some steps and having feed back from experienced dba is always welcome. You can read the list of versions and builds and service packs and fixes post service packs here. All our SQL 2008R2 Servers are at the latest patch level of 2008R2.

Here my custom planned checklist : 1all bugs that have been addressed in the Service Pack. We had installed SP3 first on Development, Test an Acceptation.

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