Updating details for incapacity benefit online

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Local councils run the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support schemes. If you don’t have all the proof of income and investments we need, don’t delay sending in your form as you may lose benefit.

Yes you can, but the more you earn, the less benefit you are likely to get. We can always ask for more information once we have received your application.

Both Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support are means-tested benefits.

This means that when we work out your benefit, we have to take account of things like your income, investments and savings. You need to give us proof of your self-employed earnings and you can contact us for more information about what we need.

Try to be attractive and a professional as a woman and you are done for.

But a man is only judged on his ability to do his job.

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'I feel certain her shame in court would have felt overwhelming.Our experts ensure that that your benefits problems are dealt with professionalism and efficiency.No jargon, just accurate, straight-forward advice tailored to you and your circumstances.Or to blame the press and the police: 'A set up by the media in cahoots with police don't you think?Two very different treatments for the same alleged crime on the same weekend.

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