Updating blackberry software sprint

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","purchase Plan Option Title":"Your Previous Device","link Url Add Phone":"/content/sprint/sprint_com/us/en/shop/cell-phones.html?INTNAV=Cart:070319: Add Phone","link Url Add Watch":"/content/sprint/sprint_com/us/en/shop/smartwatch-wearable-tech.html? INTNAV=Cart:070319: Add Watch&flow=AAL","PACKAGE_PLAN_CHANGE_REQUIRED_AFTER_UPGRADE":"We’re sorry, but it looks like your new device won’t work on your current plan.See return details.","wearable Error Text Label Unauth":"This item requires the addition of a phone or a tablet to complete this order.If you are an existing sprint customer and own a device, please ","coverage Limited Coverage Text":"Our coverage is limited in your area.

","removed Label":"Removed:","costs PPOIBMonthly":"Months 2 - 6","no Return Fee Body":"Probably not what you want to hear, but your current phone isn’t eligible for return.See return details.","actions Submit Label":"Submit","actions Prompt Confirm Removal Label":"Are you sure you want to remove this item?","loan Give Back Label":"Return it","accordion Package Title":"Package","links":[,,],"retain PPOIBLabel":"Stick with your installments","actions Definitely Label":"Definitely","actions Keep My Cart Label":"keep my cart","actions Months Two Through Six Estimates Label":"Months 2-6","actions Empty My Cart Label":"empty my cart","lease Pay Off Monthly Price":"Monthly","items Device Lease Amount Label":"Lease amount","actions Checkout Label":"Checkout","actions Hide Monthly Estimates":"Hide monthly bill estimates","actions Go Label":"Go","actions Add Phone Label":"Add a Phone","retain PPOIBMonthly Price":"Monthly","actions Save Cart Label":"Save cart","actions Removed Label":"Removed","costs Header Text":"Taxes and fees","cart Url":"/content/sprint/sprint_com/us/en/shop/cart","link Url Add Tablet":"/content/sprint/sprint_com/us/en/shop/tablets.html?Your return kit will be included with your new phone.See return details.","upgrade Step1Url":"/en/shop/upgrade-step-1.html","upgrade Step2Url":"/content/sprint/sprint_com/us/en/shop/upgrade-flex-step-2","lease Turn In Current Device Reminder Text":"We noticed your current device is the .","associate ID":"Associate ID","items Device Color Label":"Color","loan Give Back Body":"Send us your current in good working condition*.

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