Updating bios gigabyte p55a ud4p

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I wouldn’t spend too much time counting phases, though.MSI’s mid-range P55-GD65 is a six-phase design, yet it easily overclocked to a 200MHz base clock speed and auto-piloted a Core i5-750 to 3.34GHz on just 1.352V.One doesn’t necessarily need loads of power phases, even when engaged in spirited overclocking.Since you won’t need all eight phases while idling or even performing basic tasks, the Gigabyte board dynamically scales the number in use.That’s a heck of a lot to pay for a mid-range processor platform at a time when motherboards have next to no real impact on application or gaming performance.The only upgrades you seem to get over more vanilla models are gimmicky extras that are rarely truly useful, extra SATA and Gig E ports that few actually need, and the spoils of a power-phase pissing match between manufacturers, which I suspect may only benefit the most hardcore of liquid-nitrogen-fueled extreme overclockers.Core i5 and i7 processors arrived in style last week, boasting phenomenal performance, frugal power consumption, and affordable prices starting at just 0.

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At least none of the eight ports will be obscured by longer graphics cards.

A couple of white stripes down the middle of the board would look much racier, I think.

The UD4P has eight power phases running to the processor, which is fewer than the less expensive Asus board.

However, unlike the P7P55D, there’s no apparent provision to juggle lower loads between different phase blocks.

Edge-mounted SATA connectors make an appearance on the UD4P.

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