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To make it a little more complicated - and to make your application better - I'll create a splash screen with a progress bar that can be updated from your Java code.The progress bar helps provide more feedback to your users, letting the user know that your application is really doing something during the application startup process.

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I want to have a good-looking image that represents my Java application taking most of the space, and a progress bar (JProgress Bar) updating in an area below the image.And better yet, provide a splash screen with a progress bar to let the user know that the application is really doing something as it starts up.So, with those thoughts in mind, let's start creating a that can be used/reused in your Java applications. Covey, let's "begin this article with the end in mind." To that end, let's look at a splash screen as the user will see it.The whole installation should go like this: First, download the latest version of GNU coreutils and patchfile using wget command and compile and patch it as shown below, you must be root user to perform all commands.# wget # tar xv Jf coreutils-8.21xz # cd coreutils-8.21/ # wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/atdt/advcpmv/master/advcpmv-0.5-8.21.patch # patch -p1 -i advcpmv-0.5-8.21.patch # ./configure # make checking whether mknod can create fifo without root privileges...

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