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This new Web development framework from Microsoft provides both client-side and server-side components for closing the gap between web and desktop user interfaces. NET Ajax's browser-neutral client script library is easily integrated with existing Web applications (including ASP. NET sites), improving response times and enhancing UIs with DHTML and Javascript features that in the past would have taken enormous development efforts and extensive client-side knowledge. This course walks you through the components of ASP.NET Ajax, asks you to build a number of Ajax-enabled applications, and shows how best to leverage the capabilities of Ajax to make your clients' experiences richer.The button that caused the postback is disabled during this event, so in order to prevent users from hitting the button again.

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So the user could enter a password and click submit and the compare validator would not fire and the page would submit.

A user when looking at their own record got a “Change Password” panel.

This worked great, I set up the Compare Validator to validate the txt Confirm Password against the txt Password.

You can read more about the Update Panel Animation Extender over definition tags call two Java Script methods respectively that are responsible for displaying and hiding the image progress bar while the Update Panel performs an update on the control.

As shown in the previous methods, we have emulated a time consuming operation by setting a delay of 3 seconds by using Thread. You can replace this code with any time consuming operation, like fetching records from a remote database or performing any similar resource intensive operation.

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