Ubuntu df not updating

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Then enter the number of the partition you wish to delete.

Repeat this process for each partition on your USB Stick until they are all deleted.

Now go gloat to your friends and co-workers about how much Ubuntu ROCKS!

Keep in mind that not everybody we want to convert to Ubuntu is a power user (administrator).

All the data can be easily pocketed and kept safe, perhaps to be physically carried to another machine.

A persistent image will need to be kept on a Usb-stick or external hard-drive to really maximise on the usefulness of the Live Cd session so that is what this guide describes.

Note that programs and packages may take up a high percentage of the valuable space so it might be worth considering creating a Customised CD or Remix every once in a while, updating with packages you have installed in the persistent image since making the last Remix.The file must be named casper-rw and must be on the root of a partition.This partition can be any type that can be mounted automatically (e.g. (The persistent mode still works, if the file is created on the root partition of an USB stick.) The following commands assume that a partition is mounted at /media/hda1. A file 128 MB in size will be created on this partition.At the end of this argument list just add a space and add the word “persistent”. Users Groups, then press the "Add User" button) for it to save your settings; it does not appear to save most changes to the default user, "ubuntu".This will instruct the Live CD to maintain and use persistence. When you create the new user, be sure to check the box in the "user privileges" tab that says "executing system administration tasks" or you'll be pretty limited in what you can do The first simple thing you can do to verify that persistence is working is install a few applications and change some environment settings (some thing highly visible and easily recognizable) like your theme or add some GNOME panel icons. Hit Another relatively simple thing you can do to verify that everything is working and to learn more about how everything works is to just inspect what is now on your USB Stick in isolation.

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