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If you have a Disability (temporary or permanent) or will be pregnant when you go, don’t forget to get your evidence together for a disability access pass.

The pass will help the cast members help you and make sure you are standing for less time.

There are so many great groups which are full of information for every question you have, go join one now and start learning loads of tips to help you make your dreams come true.

Have you heard about baby swap and the fast pass system?

Picnic hampers are banned at DLP, but you are still completely allowed to take in sandwiches, mini boxes of raisins, drinks and plenty of other food and drinks to keep those cravings at bay!

Don’t forget to check the French holiday dates too, you might know the U. I recommend this app: Memrise Save yourself the stress of being turned away when you get there and plan before you go, check out either this post: What can my child ride?

or measure the kids and check their height on the DLP website.

They are both free to use while in the park and will save you lots of valuable time queuing.

Head over to one of those facebook groups above to find out more.

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