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NET Expressions, Statements of Programs outside of Visual Studio.Everything I am going to show you in this post can be done with Visual Studio simply by wrapping the text in a new console application, and adding references to the DLLs.To view your report during runtime see my instructions on The cry Rpt.Load line of code is where you will determine the path of the Crystal Report.Several people assumed the new more verbose status bar was broken, being empty and all. Overwrite Or Warn The User(String dest File Name, Func`2 write Content Func) in EVEMon. Posted in EVEMon, Programming | 1 Comment » I have been working on EVEMon for about two months now, taking on the responsibility of committing changes to the trunk, fixing bugs and adding new features.We put together a kludge fix, which would set the text and if it overflowed try to guess the length with Graphics. This worked fairly well, it cause some flickering when resizing the window and would leave a small gap on the right hand side of the Status Strip. As a project I have been involved for several years submitting bug fixes and little features, it was down to my experiences with EVEMon that I decided to implement Subversion and Trac at work.

I did find a nice GUI resource editor that was capable of getting the manifests out in XN Resource Editor which made the process a little faster.Posted in EVEMon, Programming | No Comments » Auto Ellipsis is a property introduced to System. To make things worse in the event the text overflows it disappears completely. From File(string filename) was subject to the same locking behaviour: A bit more searching identified another post on Stack Overflow which gave me the basic syntax and structure for the code I was going to need to implement this in EVEMon.This bug, oversight, feature or whatever you want to call it cause some confusion after the release of EVEMon The final code looks like this: It appears that GDI will lock any image that is loaded into a control in Win Forms and WPF, several comments on Stack Overflow and suggested that even disposing of the control and the File Stream was not a reliable way of being able to write to the file so the above method is seems to be be the best solution all round.Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Visit Stack Exchange I have finished a program, and it does what I want it to do, but I feel I am "doing it wrong", even though it's seemingly efficient enough.

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