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Common colour of the mineral is pale green to emerald green depending on the amount of Cr substitution.

The micaceous crystals are flexible and slightly sectile with a hardness of 2-2.5 on the Mohs scale.

Fuchsite's radioactivity due to its potassium (K) content is barely detectable.

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Hydrothermal alteration, ore fluid characteristics, and gold depositional processes along a trondhjemite-komatiite contact at Tarmoola, Western Australia.

Trivalent chromium replaces one of the aluminium (Al) atoms in the general muscovite formula producing the apple green hue distinctive of fuchsite.

It is often found in minute micaceous aggregates (with individual plates barely visible), as a major component of chromium rich phyllitic or schistose metamorphic rocks of the greenschist facies.

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