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Most of such bars are concentrated in Bangkok's red light district – and there are three of such red light districts.* The easiest way to find a Thai Ladyboy in recent times is through the use of thai dating websites.A good number of the Thai Ladyboy you will meet will fall into one of two categories –pre-op and post-op.The pre-ops are those who have undergone some facial modification to make them look like females but are yet to get gender reassignment while the post-ops are those who have been totally transformed to females.Thai Ladyboy is becoming increasingly popular because women earn more than men in Thailand.Many of the men have limited working option and to beat this obvious handicap, they undergo surgical operations to become transgender.

They are very hard to spot in the crowd if you are visiting Thailand for the first time.

Once you have found one, you can arrange your date.

Some of the dating websites that are now available will allow you to search for ladies according to category and Thai Ladyboy would definitely be in the option.

It may be hard to tell one from the other from merely looking at them and you may need to ask to be sure – but make sure you ask politely.

If your main aim of traveling to Thailand is to date a Thai Ladyboy, then you need to know where they are concentrated to make your search easier.

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