Takizawa hideaki dating

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Manato is an unpopular high school student who shuts out the world to deal with being bullied at school and his parents' divorce.

With his father's remarriage, Manato gradually finds himself attracted to his new step-sister, Yui, who is a constant thrill seeker, but she is completely oblivious to his feelings.

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His latest movie Code Blue the movie (2018) is #1 highest-grossing movie for the year 2018 and #5 for all the time highest-grossing live action movie in Japan.

I have a hard time with the stepbrother and stepsister romance plots.

But I can really see people connecting at those somewhat larger bbq parties, like 10 30 people.

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I had heard this was one of Takki's best performances!

I really liked the main plot and the other sub-plots that were interwoven together. I'm just now learning about Hideaki Takizawa, as this is only the 2nd drama I've seen him in -- "Forbidden Love" was the first and it was fantastic. I've been watching mostly Kdramas instead of Jdramas...

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