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The duet includes a difficult prop which is an apple the dancers battle over.

The dance emotionally hits everybody including the judges.

The judges praised the duet and complimented Jasmine on her never ending legs.

Humorously, Wayne Brady asks where Jasmine was when he was twenty.

As much as everyone worried that they would mess up, they didn't.

The judges laugh and compliment at Aaron and Jasmine's attitude and acting in the dance. " In this episode Jasmine performs a Sonya Tayeh and Dmitri Chapman contemporary/jazz routine where she once again, lands a special part.

The duet was performed to Alicia Keys', "Tears Always Win." The judges comment on the dance saying it was sexy and the chemistry was amazing.

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Murphy moved to California and searched for a dance partner while working as an instructor. The two began to compete and eventually became the 19 Austrian National Champions. She retired from competition and shifted her focus toward her dance academy.

She tried to explain more, but ran out of time and stumbled.

Jasmine and Aaron were teamed up with Sonya Tayeh to do a swampy jazz routine to the song, "Bottom of the River" by Delta Rae.

The two dancers, who are in the Top 4 with Kiki Nyemchek and Koine Iwasaki, performed a sweet number choreographed by Mia Michaels and showed off their love.

Some fans who watched the performance were surprised that Taylor and Lex actually kissed during their performance, and were even more surprised that they’ve been a couple for a while!

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