Steps in validating a survey instrument

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I also know too many entrepreneurs who merely guess. In that case, you need to guide your audience a bit.

They make decisions with no data about their market. The first giant step toward turning your product (or service) idea into a viable business concept, and ultimately finding investors, is basic market research. Ask this question: If possible, randomize the order of these questions so they aren’t presented from lowest-to-highest, or highest-to-lowest (this kind of randomization should be a standard feature of any major survey platform).

For instance, you may want to compare the answers of male and female respondents, or young and old participants.

Before inputting the survey data into electronic data files, data coding must be done.

This step is actually performed when you design the questionnaire, but the data codes become helpful during data analysis.In order to perform data coding, read through the responses and group them into categories.For instance, responses that are related to customer service can be coded under the category “Customer Service”.However, in the case of incomplete questionnaires, you must count the actual number of respondents that were able to answer a particular question.This should be the same for the rest of the questions.

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