Starview box keeps updating dating scammer rhoda naa

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Have downloaded keymaster, Win RAR and done again from the links you've provided but when i run the program from within WINRAR I get the keymaster screen that should show the codes but they,re all empty. I've tried taking down the firewall and trying it but same thing happens. Make sure you have no firewall of anti virus blocking it because it needs access to the internet. Can anyone tell me which is the most stable update, and the simplest to do...

And if you get a program error download and install the NET FRAMEWORK 2.0 from the link i've provided edit: If no one can get the keys working go to my link in the signiture and download the notepad. I will do my best to upload the keys in a notepad format as soon as new ones replace the old ones. bought July 07 and never had to download an update...

It might just be that you don't have the latest Framework so go to this link and download the . THanks Tried turning firewall off and making sure Win RAR had access to internet etc, but still no joy. I'm loathe to do that 'cos a Rapid Anti-virus program must of hitched a lift on some the programs I downloaded to try and get keymaster and it's playing havoc with my laptop at the moment.

NET FRAMEWORK 2.0 If you have another problem then post here. I thank RAYLE for the solution all i did was help it get noticed and i reworded the instructions for the newbies. and when I buy a nul modem lead, do I need female to female.. It keeps shutting itself down saying it is unauthorised and get rid of it,but despite trying just can't delete the bloody thing.

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Entries are added when the mineral is taken into inventory.

Anyway, a friend of mine purchased one of the new Starview box’s, now called The Box or Starview 2.

This guy is as technical as an apple and instead of trying to figure it out himself, took the easy option of calling on me. Although it’s more expensive than the original Starview, it’s not much different at all.

Now the link for KEYMASTER and the INSTRUCTIONS for entering the keys is in my signiture.

Now for those who can't seem to be opening KEYMASTER.

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