Spiritual vegan dating

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I also have a complex side to me however, it's more so towards my cooking.Although I welcome strangers who can potentially become friends I adore animals more in fact the more I get to know people the more I love & respect the simplicity of anmials.Some activities that I am passionate about include trying new foods and restaurants, salsa dancing, travel, the arts and music. Before retiring I was a software and quality engineer. I am kind, devoted, loyal, intelligent, and value health and fitness. I just don't see myself loving someone who doesn't care about killing / eating animals.I am always up for new adventures but I also appreciate quiet moments in nature. For many of us, being a veggie is so much more than simply a diet.The beauty of the Earth from above is so breathtaking. Maybe one day I’ll find my match 💞 I am passionate and outgoing . My somewhat shy, devoted dog is a beloved companion.

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Of the very few spiritual dating sites in existence, Spiritual Matchmaking is the only site at the moment that offers a comprehensive service and a large enough database to make it worth your while.

My female acquaintances agree that I have the way of someone in his 30's. I am not a social person, but am very friendly to all.

If someone I am with is ready for it, then I have an uncanny talent for facilitating cathartic releases after which the some old baggage of the past is released forever in a safe and nourishing way. I would rather just spend most time with my special guy. I was always the family photographer in my family, ever since I was young and was given my little Kodac Instamatic Camera.

I also like good beer (I brew craft beer for pubs on the side), wildlife photography and current affairs. Pretty sensitive when people don`t telling the truth. I love to spend time outside, in park for instance.

I have a dog, so spending a lot of time with him )) I`m working at vegan store in Moscow. WHAT I'M TEMPTED TO SAY, IN HONOR OF ALL GREAT SELF-DESCRIPTIONS THAT HAVE COME BEFORE ME..."my glass is always half full..baggage!

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