Speed dating love stories is jackie warner dating

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On reflection, I think this bartender he knew was making my drinks really strong.

Then I got back ready to cool it down and in the middle of our conversation, he mentioned his daughter.

We Danced, Chatted and Laughed all night and were the last to leave along with the Bar Man. The next day I had a very bad hangover and my phone binged: it was a message from Sinéad.

Eventually, my friend goes off with some girl and so I am left to chat with another who, as it turns out is obsessed with Kings of Leon and was talking to me all about music.

One thing led to another and we went back to hers and, once there, she wouldn't stop talking about the Kings of Leon, playing the music etc.

So he suggested we go to his favourite bar for drinks.

I met him there and, in small heels, I realized I was considerably taller than him, but no matter.

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