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If two people are a match, then they’re free to meet again, however they like.

Lucy Vasquez, hostess of the event, says, “The minimum standard for tonight is seven inches.” Vasquez says the women who go to her organization’s speed dating events sometimes make requests about the sorts of events they’d like to see, and a night for well-hung men was one of the requests they received most often.

It’s called Size Matters, or Hung Night, and even though it’s geared towards heterosexuals, it shows that when it comes to penis size, straight people aren’t always so different from men who have sex with men.

The event happens in New York City, put on by an organization called On Speed Dating that holds this sort of lightning-round speed-dating events.

One attendee agrees, saying, “Any woman who tells you that size doesn’t matter hasn’t been with enough guys to know the difference.” It should be noted the event doesn’t measure men’s penises before allowing them entry to Hung Night, so they depend on guys to honestly self-report.

While some of the men say they’d rather meet a woman who’s into their personality as much as their endowment, Abou, a male attendee (who lists himself as 7.5 inches) admits that he’s mostly interested in meeting a woman who will give him oral sex as often as he’d like.

Perhaps his honesty and directness will help him snag a mate.

Thus, it’s entirely possible the men are catfishing until they literally get caught with their pants down later on.

“It’s really by the honor system, because I don’t get paid enough to verify their measurements,” Vasquez says.

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