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Given the ego of the average top-class athlete, it is no surprise that not all of our top 10 are still together.

He retaliated by claiming to have seen Jones inject performance-enhancing drugs prior to her Olympic heroics, and as the infamous BALCO scandal blew up Jones was right in the middle.

Heart-throb singer Enrique Iglesias finally ended up with Kournikova, though these days you're more likely to hear Kournikova's name mentioned during a game of Texas Hold 'Em Poker rather than a tennis match.

The starting hand of an ace and a king is now known as an 'Anna Kournikova' and not just because of the initials - it's a hand that 'always looks good but rarely wins'.

Former NHL Hart Trophy (MVP) winner Federov claimed he married the Russian beauty in 2001 and they divorced in 2003, but, bizarrely, Kournikova has denied they ever tied the knot.

Another Russian hockey player, Pavel Bure, was also said to be "knocking around" at a similar time, with more engagement rumours surrounding him and Kournikova.

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