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And in 2019, meeting men in real life almost seems like an urban myth. Stories from friends who met long-term, committed partners lured me onto Tinder and CMB. But I hung on because what if, what if the next swipe leads to Mr Right?People now meet potential partners the way they do everything - virtually - on the myriad dating apps available. And I picked both up again last month, in part to pen this column, even though the latter unceremoniously informed me on Valentine's Day that my data had been compromised. My first experience with dating apps has somewhat mirrored the experience of dating itself. Eventually, I realised the fun fades, the possibilities and conversations trailed off to nowhere and why the heck did I need validation from anyone apart from myself?There is Tinder - the anything-and-everything-goes app - where men and women look for everything - serious partners, flings, tour guides and even multi-level marketing clients. So when I gave dating apps another go last month, I was plagued by a deep sense of inertia.Meeting people can be tiring simply because conversations get repetitive - who you are, what you do, where you grew up.After my last break-up, I assumed new people will come along, the way they always did. With so many options, how do you know which is "the best"? And thinking that your great love is the next man you swipe makes you more dismissive of the man in front of you.To my surprise - and panic - nothing, and nobody came along. It was only when I stopped thinking of dating apps as the magic portal to The One that I began to enjoy my time on it more.

Pondering these questions on the 7pm commute home - I couldn't help but wonder why am I, or why is anyone, even using dating apps? But that usually comes off a little desperate and is thus used sparingly.

Facebook Dating, as it is called, was first launched in five countries last year.

It is housed within the existing Facebook mobile app.

They will not be matched with their friends on Facebook and can choose if they wish to be matched with friends of friends.

Facebook is launching its dating service in Singapore and 13 other countries today as it seeks to play catch-up in the world of online dating.

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