Sex lies and internet dating

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The survey of 1,000 single adults, commissioned by online dating community Beautiful, revealed that women lie about the size of their bust, pretend to work in entertainment and also claim to be friendly with celebrities to make themselves seem more attractive. Researchers say the results show that people are forever optimistic when it comes to online dating: whilst a majority believing others also lie when writing online profiles, when comes to actually reading about potential dates, they are far more likely to believe what they are reading is true. Quite a few guys I’ve met online have told me horror stories about meeting women who lie in their profiles about their physical characteristics.I think, though, that this very smart guy I went out with a few times REALLY hit the nail on the head.There was one woman in particular whom he kept running into at this cafe he frequented. The whole Jennifer debacle ultimately prompted me to give him the boot.He held her up to me as some standard of beauty I could never measure up to, like a dime-store Helen of Troy. Now he’s free, and he can drool all over her silicone orbs to his heart’s content with no jealous girlfriend to worry his breast-obsessed little head about. That was immediately obvious the first time I met him.Mr Hodge added: "People need to know what they are getting. Nobody wants to trawl through a gallery of nightmares making out they're Megan Fox when they look like Mrs Doubtfire.

With one of my exes, the difference in how I viewed his profile pre-dating and post-relationship was pretty extreme. I’ll just preface my commentary with a disclaimer: I know relationships are a 2-way street. I contributed to an unhealthy dynamic by…umm, let’s see, by…well, by just BEING there.For example, he states in his profile: “The grass isn’t always greener; it’s as green as you make it.” Isn’t that a wonderful observation? (He worked out of those “do you even lift” types.When I first read it, I thought — wow, here’s someone who understands that a relationship is an investment and won’t just bail on it for something he perceives to be better (which is, sadly, VERY common these days). Had he maybe meant to dial one of his dude-bros to tell him this, but called me by mistake? He expected me to, as well.) One good thing I will say about our toxic, dysfunctional relationship — for the first time ever, I got down to 19 percent body fat.OK-I don’t know for sure that someone else wrote his profile, but I have good reason to suspect. Not if you want to keep breathing.)I think “Jennifer’s” main appeal was that she was about 5 breast cup sizes bigger than me at the time.From my experience, there’s just a huge disconnect between the philosophies he espouses in his profile and how he really acts in a relationship. I was too full of muscle to be that well endowed, since he had me going to the gym 5 days a week to stay in optimal shape for him.

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