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Some mention of specific brands, especially candy (Junor Mints, Jujubes, etc.).Jerry uses an Apple computer and is a breakfast cereal fiend.“to save a couple of bucks” while visiting his parents made the concept of early-bird dinners nationally known. Kramer was hurt by his temporary loss of taste in 1995, but it’s likely he would be utterly devastated today.In this Season 7 gem, it also leads to Morty Seinfeld’s impeachment as president of his condo board. Was Elaine’s love of large, leafy salads the inspiration for modern fast-casual chains such as Sweetgreen and Chop’t? Missing out on the brief window during which a hyper-local, hyper-seasonal fruit is available may be a fate worse than death for modern eaters. George Costanza is a guy who is seemingly dealt an unfair load of bad luck, but so much of it is self-inflicted.One episode revolves around trying to guess a woman's name that rhymes with a part of the female anatomy (possibilities include "Mulva" and "Dolores").

Meanwhile, Jerry's fresh on the heels of his own fractured engagement, Elaine takes over as president of J.Meanwhile, Jerry learns he's dating Newman's ex-girlfriend, Kramer gets Uma Thurman's phone number, Elaine is a victim of "re-gifting," and George gets a toupee.Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), George (Jason Alexander), Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Kramer (Michael Richards) continue their sublimely self-involved ways in the Emmy-winning comedy's seventh season, which features one of the show's most memorable exclamations: "No soup for you!Lying, cheating, and gossiping are frequent plot elements.Episodes often center on characters' dating dilemmas and include discussions of contraception, masturbation (though the word is never uttered), and personal habits.

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