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When push comes to shove, the Church’s message is crystal clear: Sea Org have no legal protections from Scientology’s inherent brutality: Church attorney Bert Deixler cited Higgins v.

Maher (1989), a case which states that anyone who enters into employment as a religious clergy forfeits the protection of the civil authorities in terms of job rights: This “ministerial exception” is why Sea Org workers do not have to be paid minimum wage or overtime; why they can be locked up and brutalized in the RPF; and why they receive no pension after decades of service.

Tom was all charm, jumping on a car in front of him (a la that manic Oprah couch moment), signing autographs and grinning in pictures.

Katie, on the other hand, stood eerily still despite my many calls of affection to her (I may or may not have been unhealthily obsessed with ).

According to Scientology's published completion lists, De Vette has completed OT V, as well as the Scientology Ethics Specialist Course (which includes the "technology of investigations" and "how to investigate and locate sources of suppression standing in the way of achieving one's objectives").As a side note, when the newly-dating Tom and Katie made one of their first-ever public appearances at the David di Donatello Awards in April 2005, I was "with" them in Rome at the time.I excitedly waited by the red carpet, alongside 12 confused Italians who had no idea who Katie was.She used it to call attorneys from three law firms in three different states.This move helped her prep her case without Cruise knowing that she wanted a divorce.

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