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Sex is awesome but because he's so much older than I am I think it's not all that it could be.Nevertheless it's so refreshing to be in a stress free relationship whereby I'm loved for being me, I'm not put down or critized just loved !!! Please note that you greatly increase the chances of other visitors reading your comment if you use full sentences with punctuation.We had realy bad fights before and him whole family and I don't get along. I have been with a Sag man for 8 years, I am also Sag.from day 1 it was like we were made to be together. If things do not work out with my old Sag boyfriend I feel safe somehow knowing I can actually be with the Sag friend that I have now. I am a sag dec.5 I am female my other half is also a dec.18 and I can honestly say ive never been with anyone like him though many times weve bumped heads cause we r just alike fighting arguing cause we want things are way we have learned to comptomise we r now content with each other and we are still together till this day there is no man I want to be with but him so though they say sags cant be together we r living proof that it works and I will love this rest of my life as he will do so just the same!!!! In the beginning, the relationship will seem to flow so naturally.He was not so into commitment when I first met him and I was always frustrated coz I loved him so but as time went by he changed for the better and made me feel like a little princess until today. We are still together but unfortunately he has become very possessive and controlling and I still need my space and time. The thing that is best is the mutual give and take..lasts for a while.. Soon you will both be pointing out things your partner has to fix in the relationship until it gets to the point where you realize, your partner is asking too much out of you.I have met another guy and just found out he is also a Sag. It can be fun, but SAG man does not provide the security that SAG women need.In hindsight, I think he knows he should have just ended things with me first however I do not think that was his first, or will be his last time, cheating on a that's interesting. It is true, the passion is there and we have not even had sex yet! a little bad about meeting in the middle each will probably be too into their own world and explorations to settle down long enough but then again both sexes can appreciate seeing their partners desire for freedom. Sag man and Sag woman not the best match in my books I'm a Sag male I've dated a Sag women.

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I also have a Sagittarius man guide and Sagittarius woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. we are very happy a sailor man are real guy for me. I am a Sag who dated a sag man and although we still talk till this day, it seems we're perfect for each other but also wrong for each other as we're very similar.

I really feel connected with him and I think he does too.

The problem is,that in in a relationship with a Gemini for three years.

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