Ryk neethling dating 2016

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The Heat article goes on to say that Ryk had "no comment" to respond to the article, and quotes a few friends close to Ryk saying "this doesn't sound like Ryk..." and making similar broad, insubstantial, and otherwise nonsense statements.Let's not forget the longevity of the Hansie saga, something many of us can still remember clearly (and painfully).They began a volatile relationship that lasted through the 2004 Athens Olympics.Beard writes how the couple had "loud screaming mean fights" and she started cutting herself to escape the pain.Schoeman doesn't mince words, comparing Ryk's (fake) persona to Tiger Woods and using words such as "manipulative, calculating, self serving, egotistical" and "just unsavory".Schoeman contends that "he has led on the entire country." Others swimmers have been more cautious, making similar comments but opting to remain anonymous.These are charismatic champions that we admire, but it turns out, some of those fairy tales are very far from perfect at times. This, upon closer scrutiny, is a very odd thing to say.

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But almost every headline in South Africa seems to second-guess Beard's assertions and support Ryk; each one trumpets the same carbon copy: Ryk Denies Drug Claims.This speaks of some serious problems in a relationship, beyond the ordinary. Cutting oneself to escape the pain sounds like something very messed up that Beard couldn't put her finger on. "I was trying to figure out how to live in a bad relationship." That statement also suggests that something was going on in the relationship that she couldn't figure out.Possibly a deception, possibly her own insecurities, but perhaps not.Blue Mbombo and Rapper K2: Blue shocked fans in September when she took to Facebook to announce that they had called it quits.Blue and K2 won the hearts of thousands of fans when they took part in the reality TV series .

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