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It’s essentially a verbal re-enactment of the logic of superpower rivalry, with Russia as the inverse of America: all the same words and ideas just turned the other way around.As that meme has faded, the internet’s dominant discourse around Russia has come to be one of unbridled excess, the triumph of the impulsive id over the whiny ego: while people in the west are gazing whinily at their twentysomething navels, the Russians are drinking, climbing big buildings and swearing at flaming lumps of space-rock. Against our wills we are drawn in, whirled round, blinded, suffocated, and at the same time filled with a giddy rapture.” Across the eras the idea of Russia as a spiritually freer, less rule-bound alternative to western society has prevailed.The scammers often make use of what appear to be Australian Government email addresses to send fraudulent emails to the Australian party, informing them that the friend or prospective marriage partner has been granted a visa to visit Australia to further the relationship.The message may include fake details of a non-existent visa. And probably soon (how can one not believe in his own lucky star?! And quite soon an interested person from America, Canada, Britain or any other country finds out that a Ukrainian girl named Elena has always dreamt about him in some Russian nook. Right becomes sure that it is love sent him by God.

In The Russian Point of View (1925), Virginia Woolf gave her not inaccurate summary of Russian literary culture and, in particular, Dostoevsky: “Indeed, it is the soul that is the chief character in Russian fiction… This image is also, of course, eagerly promoted and exploited by Russians looking to emphasise their spiritual exceptionalism.

The Australian Government has notified the Government of Russia about its concern over this matter BUT there is little the Australian Government can do to assist citizens who fall victim to the individuals and agencies behind these schemes.

A middle-aged woman lies on a rug, propped provocatively on one elbow; spread out next to her is a gigantic catfish. Or rather, to the internet’s version of Russian dating sites.

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