Rubidium 87 radiometric dating

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Most people, even the experts in the field, forget the assumptions on which radiometric dating is based.Radioactive Dating There are basically two different kinds of radioactive dating methods.Nontechnical readers can skip the box-figures, however, without losing much.Experimental Errors The methods that give ancient ages produce almost as many “wrong” answers as “right” ones.

Of course, the fossil dates depend on the assumption of evolution.

Most radiometric arguments were said to favor the 2.6 MY date, but the paleontological arguments favored the 1.8 MY date-(that is where the skull would best fit evolutionary theory).

And final agreement came only after paleontologists had agreed on fossil correlations involving two species of extinct pigs. Commenting on this method of selecting rock samples for radiometric dating, Lubenow asks: The question arises, “How does one know when one has good samples for dating?

” The only answer to that question is that “good” samples give dates that are in accord with evolutionary presuppositions.

“Bad” samples are the ones that give dates not in conformity with evolutions classic illustration of circular reasoning.5 Grand Canyon Dating Creationists have criticized many aspects of dating rocks by radioactivity, but have offered little real proof that the method is flawed.

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