Rubber band theory dating

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Just don’t forget to fix your high bun with firm-hold spray to avoid running to the ladies room every 5 minutes.

This casual but classy hairstyle is always a good idea for a date, especially if your hair is long, lush and naturally curly.

This harstyle looks both simple and sophisticated, so you can make a mixed and unforgettable impression.

Men love feminine hairstyles with loose, touchable hair, light waves or soft curls.

You can make a bun of any size with the help of elastics, hairpins and firm-hold spray.

That’s how you can show all the richness and beauty of your hair.

Anyway, this awesome braided bun will complete any cocktail or evening gown and emphasize your natural beauty and gracefulness.

All men adore romantic and feminine hairstyles, so it would be a great hair solution for a date.

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