Republicans intimedating voters outlook 2016 cached mode not updating inbox

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that shit is priming straight up and might run afoul of election laws in some places I'm not going to lie.

I always assumed when the president went to their polling site there were SS agents with him at the time and they would be armed. But I am learning more about it and why the rule is there and the fact they want to abolish it when there isn't really a need is scary. In my state even local law enforcement officers are not allowed in polling places except to cast a lawful vote, OR upon the request of the poll inspector (person in charge) in order to arrest an out of order citizen.

I've worked the polls a LOT, I've never seen an arrest at the polls, and only heard of it happening once - and that was a deliberate case of civil disobedience, two people bringing a halt to voting at a single precinct to protest the absence of write-in voting in state law. It actually says what the story was quoted on from the USSS official, that its just codifying the enforcement of protecting anyone under their purview while going to the voting booth.

This is the exact text that states what the amendment proposes.

There’s a whole industry of financial advisers and lobbyists who work on finding new ways to undervalue assets that are transferred to children.

Is what the Trumps did really any different from other very rich people? The 13 years I was with I worked as their tax reporter.

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had 14,000 words, 11 pages of text and documentation, reporting on what they called “suspect tax schemes” that helped preserve what they called “a vast inherited fortune”—real estate and cash that Donald Trump got from his father, Fred.

All of the super-rich use these tax-avoidance strategies.In one of the transfers of Fred Trump real estate to his children, he gave them more than 1,000 apartments. Say you wanted to give your child a house worth 0,000. It’s not like a stock where at the end of each day you know what it’s selling for.So maybe it’s worth 0,000; maybe it’s worth 0,000.What more do you need to know to understand that Trump just makes this stuff up? For example, he says his two Scottish golf courses are each worth more than million. Yet again, for another year, they’ve lost millions of dollars. They may be literally worthless, except for the real-estate value—if you get permission to redevelop them.His businesses are losing money all over the place. But if it’s real estate, those records often are not digitized.

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