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This wing is the only one in Europe with F-15 fighter aircraft.

It has a population of 4,691 according to the 2011 Census, and is situated in the Forest Heath district of Suffolk, close to the county boundaries of both Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, and at the meeting point of The Fens and the Breckland natural environments.

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It is therefore warmer and drier than the average climate of the British Isles due to its relative distance to the low-pressure dominated coastal weather systems of the Atlantic.

In May 2007, it was reported that cranes were nesting in the site for the first time since the fen lands were drained in the 16th century.

Along this main road there is a small hotel, skate park, and a children's play park.

Our foundation of shared values and experiences continues to assure our freedoms. #We Are Liberty pic.twitter.com/d1DGZNISPy Loud and Proud to be the lady 494th F15E Panther Pilot @48Fighter Wing #48thfighterwing #mightyblackpanthers #494th #ladypilot #Av Geek #aviation #picoftheday #panthers #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #planespotting #fighterjet #militarytuesday #ladiesspecial #F15E #We Are Liberty pic.twitter.com/DO8Ayz Pfi S Classmates in ninth grade with a shared passion for flying – now both serving their country in the @usairforce. We'll upload our best footage from the archives without music or editing.

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