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Those With Other Disabilities People with cognitive, learning, or memory issues often can benefit with a combination of the aforementioned tools.

For example, some with learning disabilities may benefit from assistive listening tools, which are also available to blind users.

Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals There are a host of systems out there to help blind individuals.

Some of them come in the form of unique hardware such as refreshable Braille displays, portable CCTVs, and large-print keyboards.

The keyboard and mouse are easily used by many people but can be very difficult for those with paralysis, lost limbs, or diseases like muscular dystrophy.If you are disabled, let your manager or HR person know if you encounter any workplace barriers.After nearly six years of being single, 30-year-old Anisha Banu Multani, who is afflicted with polio, decided to meet someone special.But in reality, their perception does not move beyond physicality.They do not look beyond the wheelchair or attempt to understand the true personality of the individual.

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