Ozzy and amanda survivor dating

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One was mine but I wasn't sure about the other but I figured it was Ozzy. Not that it makes me feel good that he's upset, but it was nice to know that he genuinely seemed to be displeased that I was gone, whether it be for self-serving reasons because of his strongest alliance...or whether because legitimately I was his buddy and now I was gone.

Whenever the details got specific, people kind of tried to back off.You can look over your shoulder and there's the ocean and think, I'm in paradise.How blessed and fortunate am I to have this opportunity? "And then of course, the very first challenge that we won, our tribe really needed that.It was definitely very friendly and his personality was the one that I just meshed with the best out of everyone on my tribe.You naturally gravitate towards certain people and temperaments and he happened to be the one I got along with the best.

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