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In the 1900s people gradually began to identify themselves as "atheists" to more clearly and accurately indicate that they were "non-believers" in deities.As the onset of an increasingly literate and better-educated populace permeated in tandem with the advancements and growth of modern civilization (in part due to the Gutenberg Press), the wider acceptance of the distinction between "atheism" and "anti-theism" resulted.The words "atheism" and "atheist" presently appear to be on course for a full recovery, albeit slowly because it can often be difficult to "see the forest for the trees" whilst in the throes of the gradual evolution of anything, and language is no exception.With the advent of the internet, access to information, along with the profound freedom to publish literally any ideas, has lead to more meaningful - albeit uncomfortable at times - forms of truly open and honest discourse that serve incidentally as the driving pinnacles of progress.Since conflict due to much variation of these two words ("atheism" and "atheist") still persists between dictionaries, glossaries, and encyclopedias, it's reasonable, for the sake of accuracy, to therefore consider the origins and etymology of the words in question.In the case of "atheism" it appears that the meanings began to deviate from a naturally impartial classification to an anti-theistic position, but now that the meaning of the word "anti-theism" is so widely understood this deviation can more conveniently be rectified...For additional perspective, consider that walking forward and walking backward are diametrically-opposed activities.

Black holes that lose more mass than they gain are expected to shrink and ultimately vanish.

However, Rovelli and his colleagues suggested that shrinking black holes could not disappear if the fabric of space and time were quantum — that is, made of indivisible quantities known as quanta.

Space-time is quantum in research that seeks to unite general relativity, which can explain the nature of gravity, with quantum mechanics, which can describe the behavior of all the known particles, into a single theory that can explain all the forces of the universe.

Rovelli and his colleagues previously estimated that it would take a black hole with a mass equal to that of the sun about a quadrillion times the current age of the universe to convert into a white hole.

[Supernova Photos: Great Images of Star Explosions]However, prior work in the 1960s and 1970s suggested that black holes also could have originated within a second after the Big Bang, due to random fluctuations of density in the hot, rapidly expanding newborn universe.

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