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And yet for all these positive steps forward, one important thing has stayed the same.

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As Bernard Crick put it, early 20th-century elitists recognised democracy was a popular cause, and so gradually ‘qualifiers were slipped in front of that damned D-word’: they fretted over ‘the dangers of “unbridled”, “ill-informed”, “excessive” or “uneducated” democracy’.A hundred years might have passed, but such prejudices remain rampant, particularly post-Brexit. The fear of ‘uneducated democracy’, though it’s now called ‘low-information’ or ‘ill-informed’ democracy.The concern that the ‘cheap press’ will warp poorer voters’ minds: witness the anti-tabloid hysteria of elite Remainers who are convinced the red-tops made us reject the EU.This is the strangeness and hollowness of today’s celebrations: they are spearheaded by the kind of MPs and columnists who often repeat the anti-democratic prejudices of those who agitated against The Vote.They pay lip service to this democratic breakthrough while living in dread of its impact: the empowerment of ordinary men and women to decide the fate of the nation.

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