Online dating guys to avoid

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With dating apps, social media, and all kinds of new trends popping up each year, it can be tough to navigate the landscape of modern romance. After all, a few years ago it seemed like people were just getting on Tinder, but today it would be hard to find someone who has never used this app.

Well, for starters, it helps to know exactly what’s going on.

Have you ever received a flirty direct message on social media from a guy you barely knew?

According to Allure, hitting someone up through their DMs is super popular these days, and every once in a while, it does work out—there are people who have met their spouses on social media!

Or you can keep someone on the back-burner indefinitely as long as you see them every once in a while.

In the past, many people worried about dating someone who was already a good friend—after all, this had the potential to ruin the friendship.

Even though we all know how much it hurts to get ghosted, doing it to someone else feels like the easy way out of a relationship that wasn’t working out. According to Cosmopolitan, the answer is no—the majority of people who have been ghosted by someone who they thought was actually into them say that it had a long-term effect on their self-confidence in the dating world. If you aren’t feeling super-confident, this can seem like an easy way to get on someone’s radar without actually interacting with them too much offline.Celebrating your anniversary with someone is one thing, but celebrating your breakup? Well, according to Cosmopolitan, some women report that celebrating their breakups has actually been a positive choice for them.Think about it—instead of crying, sometimes it feels better to just celebrate that you’re entering a new phase in your life and opening yourself up to brand new possibilities.But it’s best to lay off this method if you’re trying to get a guy’s attention, and don’t waste time on guys who do this.This strategy is rarely going to result in landing the guy you really want.

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