Of changesets and updating

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Working with source code is of course done best from a development IDE such as Visual Studio.

But sometimes it can be very convenient to change a file straight from the web access, and you can!

I often talk to different teams about how they work with Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Online.

I get a lot of questions about different features, and some of them tend to come up more often than other.

Note that since Git commits are local, the association won’t actually be done until the commit has been pushed to the server.

TFS processes git commits for work item association asynchronously, so it could potentially take a short moment before the association is done.

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Then you can just browse to the file in source control and change it using the button: After making the changes, you can add a meaning commit message and commit the change back to TFS.

In the version control tab of the settings administration page you can select a branch from a Git repo and then apply branch policies.

The image below shows the available branch policies.

But a lot of developers like to use other Git tooling, such as Git Extensions, Source Tree or the command line.

And then we have the teams that work on other platforms, perhaps developing i OS apps but store their source code in a Git repo in TFS.

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