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Stayed about 20 minute walk away Elle,its a very picturesque place with sail boats bobbing about on the water which makes it a lovely little harbour.Not too commercialized which gives it a really relaxed feel.This metropolis, which is the capital of the southeastern state of Victoria, is the main financial hub in the Asia-Pacific region and is also a major cultural centre for arts, theatre and music (an important arts complex can be found in the city centre, namely in the Southbank area).

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I love watching the dogs run around - it's paradise for a dog! Well put Elle, I get what Sam is saying about places, but on my doorstep there are plenty of places.

I love exploring all the webcams and find it so much better to see real people enjoying some of the places I'd love to visit.

There are several very similar bays within 20 minutes of Sydney on the bus, its a lovely peaceful part of the city.

Lots of dog walkers which makes for great people watching. I'm fascinated by it - it's so different day to day when the tides go in and out.

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